Thursday, December 17, 2009

"A day in the Life"

Second-year Illustration students at Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Karel de Grote-Hogeschool, Antwerp, Belgium and the Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida have been given a common assignment:

‘A Day in a Life’ (or ‘Report of a Day’)

- Make a report of several aspects of your daily life in 5-8 sequences.
- Show some of the following aspects:
~your room, house, the ‘shelter’, cocoon you live in, breakfast, sharing space,
~the way to school, means of transport, the surroundings
~in school: classrooms, library, cafeteria, teachers, fellow students, furniture,
~meals, food habits, etc.
~activities after school: sports, music, dancing, caf├ęs, walking, swimming, hobbies,
~friends, family.
- Items may be figures or objects, or a combination of both.
- The format will depend upon your concept. Approximately 18 x 24 inches
(45 x 75 cm.), but it can also be a long horizontal or vertical shape.
- Any media

Monday, December 7, 2009


last project was supposed to be quirky and fun soooo . . .

Greetings from Endor

Illustration 1 project, postcards

These are the finished product for the Postcard project . . . It is acrylic on Ill board

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Matte Medium Transfers

This is a process involving matte medium, clear gesso and a simple drawing of vegetables. The Matte medium is applied to attach the drawing to the surface, and the clear gesso is used for textures that will be applied during the painting process.

The first is a finished product for the texture assignment, used in acrylic on mat board